11.04.07 :: Voyages Culturels Vienneau web site officially established online.

Welcome at VoyagesCulturelsVienneau.ca
Would you like to visit the main tourist attractions in the Acadian Peninsula? Would you like to participate in shows, festivals, carnivals, or well-known activities outside the region? And achieve all of this without wondering about your planning and organization, and doing this in comfort and in security?

Then, it will be our pleasure to make you discover the cultural of our neighbouring regions. We guarantee the maximum of service with the best price.

Georges et Gérarda Vienneau
Do you have any particular questions about the itinerary of your trip? Would you like to know what is close to your motel? It will be a pleasure for us to contact you and to answer all of your questions.

‘‘I am a very satisfied customer. The owners make sure their planning is impeccable. I have been using their services for the last 10 years, and I still do. There is no worry while using Voyages Culturels Vienneau.’’ - LÉA BRIDEAU, Tracadie-Sheila

‘‘I like to travel with Voyages Culturels Vienneau because I feel safe. The owners are honest, dynamic, and smart persons. They are flexible and always listen to customers. In the bus, we are not bored: we are not stuck because of a lack of activities!’’ - GABRIELLE MAZEROLLE, Shippagan

‘‘The owners succeed in creating a family atmosphere during the trips. Once we returned home, it felt as if we missed something.’’ - BRIAN KELLY, Tracadie-Sheila

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